Section 381.80 of Amended Substitute House Bill 33 of the 135th General Assembly appropriated funds to award grants under the Teach CS Grant Program established in Ohio Revised Code Section 3333.129. ODHE released a Request for Applications (“RFA”) on November 1, 2023, seeking colleges and universities, and educational service centers who desired to partner with ODHE to increase the number of teachers qualified to teach computer science in Ohio. 11 colleges and universities and five ESCs were selected to receive a Teach CS grant. ODHE now seeks to allocate the remaining 1.9 million dollars to existing partners who can demonstrate need and new partners that will operate in underserved geographic locations. This RFA is for new educational service center  and college/university partners.

This RFA is open to Ohio educational service centers and state universities as defined in section 3345.011 of the Revised Code and non-profit private institutions of higher education with a Certificate of Authorization issued pursuant to Chapter 1713 of the Ohio Revised Code with Chancellor-approved educator preparation programs and Chancellor-approved computer science endorsements.

Applicants must demonstrate how they can help accomplish the goal of increasing the number of teachers licensed to teach computer science through any of the following:

• computer science endorsement,
• a supplemental license, or
• alternative resident educator license

Applicants must demonstrate that the area of the state in which they seek to operate is underserved by current Teach CS grants. A list of the current grants can be found at 

Application for New Applicants 

Additional Information

Application Review and Timeline:

The schedule below may be revised by ODHE and any changes will be communicated to the applicants via e-mail and posted on

Request for Applications Released: April 12, 2024
Questions Due: April 26, 2024
Responses posted: May 3, 2024
Application Submission Window: April 12, 2024-May 17, 2024
Application Review Begins: May 20, 2024
Notification of Awards: June 4, 2024

Funds will be made available to awardees after July 1, 2025, and execution of an award amendment with ODHE.


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